Jia-Ling Hsu

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Jia-Ling Hsu, born and lives in Taipei, is an actor and artist whose works are time-based including performances and moving images. Embedded with memories and dreams, Hsu’s works are emotional responses to autobiographical experiences regarding family, belief and romance, and explore the … Continued

Martina Krapp

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  Martina Krapp has a degree in Fine Arts of the National Arts University of Buenos Aires. She attended the Alejandro Arguelles and Fabian Attila’s workshop and, at the same time, she also attended the Scalabrini Workshop coordinated by Leila … Continued

Astra Parker

Astra Parker is a visual artist based in Adelaide, South Australia, working predominantly in sculpture. Her practice surrounds an interest in the processes of structural change, drawing parallels between the world explained through physics and the world seen through a … Continued

Nihal Mumcu

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After graduating from fine arts in Istanbul, she moved to Barcelona where she got her master degree in the same field. Her work as translator and interpreter started in the beginning as a job to combine with her studies, but … Continued

Cultura Plasmic Inc

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    Glasgow-based artist Cultura Plasmic Inc combines audio, moving image, and physical structures to create installations that navigate the relationship between digital culture and the body, mental and physical health and how our use of and, at times, dependence … Continued

Jesper Henningsson

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  Jesper Henningsson is a Swedish visual artist and poet, mainly working in the form of installations. By playing with object and image, the artwork becomes locked in a self-referential loop where the hope is to destabilize or disrupt capitalistic … Continued

Michalis Charalambous

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  Michalis Charalambous (b. 1987) graduated from the Faculty of the Fine Arts School of Visual and Applied Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2013, having as his supervisor, Professor George Golfinos. Currently, he is a postgraduate student … Continued

Emily Sides

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  Emily Sides (b. 1995) is an interdisciplinary artist whose works focus on self-realization, self-actualization, and self-awareness through the use of non-traditional materials such as noble gases, various acrylics, and mirrors. By focusing on these societal aspects, Emily’s work attempts … Continued

Devika Mohan

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  Hi I’m a recent Graduate in Contemporary Art Practice. I meandered my way around several disciplines of design before realizing I didn’t entirely enjoy any of them and contemporary art was one space where I truly felt creatively challenged … Continued

Frida Reyes Sanchez

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  Frida María Reyes Sánchez / FridAmaría was born in 1993 in México City. Graduated from UABC; (Autonomous University of Baja California). Currently living in Tijuana B.C Fridas work analyzes social communities throught allegories narrated by microbiological communities called Sogieds. … Continued