In 2016 the association “Els Amics de Can Serrat” (Friends of Can Serrat) was established to complement the year-round program in the Can Serrat farmhouse with creative events organized with local involvement (theater, concerts, performances, workshops, seminars, artistic open calls) taking advantage of the access to the 260 m2 of the renovated bodega, a garden with full of wonderful spots, sound equipment for live performances and recording, and a manual printing press.  The association is composed of people from the surrounding area with the intention of decentralizing the artistic activity and bringing it closer to the rural.


Name of the Association: Els Amics de Can Serrat

Location: Masia Can Serrat s/n (08294 EL BRUC)


Thais Buforn: President

Carla Jorba: Secretary

Jordi Algarra: Treasurer


Página de Facebook: Amics de Can Serrat

Pagina de Instagram :Amics Can Serrat

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 Association Objectives:

  • To promote artistic and cultural events in the local context
  • To cultivate a space in which to share interests, and initiatives related to art, nature, and culture.  
  • Initiate dialogs around contemporary international and local creativity.
  • To collaborate with other institutions and associations.



  • Festival Escletxa (1st iteration, november, 2018 4rth iteration, novembre 2021)
  • Concerts
  • Cinema forums
  • Thater / performance / recitlals
  • Discussion groups
  • Expositions / Art open calls
  • Workshops
  • Literary and artistic competitions in El Bruc
  • Cultural outings in El Bruc


Become a member


  • 50€ / year: Access to the studios and the right to propose and vote on activities/concerts/projects.  Includes free admission to concerts and theatre performances. 50% discount on workshops and seminars. Free entrance to the artistic walk of each iteration of the Escletxa Festival + 1 Festival backpack.
  • 20€ / year: Access to the studios and the right to propose and vote on activities / concerts / projects. 50% discount on workshops and seminars and on the Escletxa Festival art walk.
  • 5€ / year:  Right to propose and vote on activities/concerts/projects.


The Association is a not-for-profit and its finances and communications are independent from Can Serrat.  The International Residency, however, supports the initiatives of Els Amics de Can Serrat and offers full access to all available studio spaces and activities and audiovisual material (depending on availability).