Can Serrat is a Catalan farmhouse located in El Bruc (Montserrat), 45 km outside of Barcelona. One of the oldest international residency programs in Catalonia, it has welcomed artistic and literary projects since 1989.

The organization is focused on supporting and guiding the creative process through individual and collective meetings, and an extensive professional network. The house can house up to 35 people from a diverse range of countries and disciplines, and which allow for rich exchanges.

In 2020 the space activated a multidisciplinary coliving program, as well as an online project that offers support, advising, and collective creation workshops called REMOTA.

Can Serrat receives support from the Generalitat de Catalunya, and is a member of Xarxaprod, a network of artistic production centers in Catalonia.


For more information about the international residency program:

Programa de residencia

For more information regarding the coliving program, the space and how the house runs:

Alquiler de espacio




Can Serrat, it is

a masia

a big masia


1187 m2 of masia

350 m2 of studios

9000 m2 of garden

a printmaking space

4 multidisciplinary studio spaces

3-century years old walls and ceiling

capricious internet

comida rica*


below the village of el bruc

                                & montserrat


a moving community since 1989

                                  started by 12 norwegians artists**


international within the local, historical & contemporary Catalan context


alive thanks to its inhabitants __ who care about it & fix it from time to time


an experimental project

not professional

very professional


a network

processing reflexions 




knowledge exchange

community and coexistence

collective work




territory near, far

outside of



projects and interests_

rural coliving 

ROCA VERDA, consumers co-op


CAN SERRAT, onsite international residency program

REMOTA, online international residency program


public open calls content focus on 






                                                   local production



many good friends

many returns

many ghosts

many memories

many layers of history


supported by Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural & Ajuntament del Bruc

member of Xarxaprod, TAV-CC


teeny tiny happy team


* good food


** Tone Fjereide | Johanna Getz | Thorleif Gjedebo | Siv Johansen | Helle Kaarem | Vibeke Marnburg | Yngvild Nergaard | Terje Nicolaysen | Live Rasmussen | Vilde Von Krogh  | Leah Johnstone | Helle Storvik