Can Serrat function as a community where people from different cultures, fields, and research topics can come together under the same roof. The house hosts various projects throughout the year in which everyone can participate during their stay here. These include, among others, a residency program that selects contemporary art and writing projects, a non-profit association called “Els Amics de Can Serrat” that organizes activities within the local context, and a consumer cooperative for local and organic products called “Roca Verda”.

Every month, the house hosts and organizes different activities to activate research on the projects in production: debates, an open dinner, project presentations, a book club where participants can share resources by reading extracts and texts in various languages, ping-pong championships, and visits to relevant cultural project spaces and other residencies.

Under the umbrella of Can Serrat, there is also a music festival called “Brucstock”, a collective creation project that takes place at the beginning of each year, and a social garden project to work with families and women at risk of exclusion.