Directions: from Airport to Can Serrat via Public Transportation*.

*There is no bus directly from the airport to Can Serrat. You must first go to Maria Cristina in Barcelona
and transfer*


Airport-Maria Cristina in Barcelona.

1. Take the subway line L9S from the airport to Zona Universitaria. See map here :

Buy a card at the ticket machine at the metro station with cash or card. Must have a pin if paying with a credit
card or debit card. Approx value 4,50 euros.

1. Exit the metro and wait for the bus from the Zona Universitaria bus station.
2. Transfer to the green L3 line going towards Trinitat Nova 2 stops to Maria Cristina. (free transfer)
3. Get off Maria Cristina.

Approximate time: 45 mins


  Maria Cristina in Barcelona-Can Serrat in El Bruc

1. Locating the Hispano Igualadina Bus Stop:
After you exit the metro at the Maria Cristina stop, you will find the Hispano Igualadina bus stop on Avinguda Diagonal across the street from the black Caixa Bank. It is the second bus shelter from the Vanguardia news stand labeled in small print Hispano Igualadina.
Here is the .pdf of the bus schedule going to and from Barcelona and El Bruc:

Descargar (PDF, 1.34MB)

The schedule is in Catalan. Please use google translate if you need assistance with vocabulary:

Approximate time from BCN to El Bruc: 50 mins


2. Tickets for the Hispano Igualadina bus service:

Option I:
You can pay in cash. The bus driver can make change. Value 6,50 euros for a single ticket

Option II:
You can purchase a T-10 zona 5 pass for 39,95 euros at the ticket machines in the metro station. This may be a more economical option if you plan to do several round trips between El Bruc and Barcelona over the course of your stay.

*Notes about Hispano Igualadina to be aware of:
There is an express line as well as a local bus. Check with your driver and be sure to take the local. You
can double-check with the driver to make sure they stop in El Bruc.


Arriving to Can Serrat:

You can ask the drivers if they are willing to drop you at Can Serrat.
3) a. If the driver drops you at Can Serrat:
You will see a small white sign on the right for Can Serrat at the entrance to our driveway. It is a steep dirt road that slopes down to the right. Make your way down the drive, approx 50 meters and the house is at the bottom to your right.

3) b. If the bus driver drops you at the bus stop in El Bruc:
Some drivers do not consider Can Serrat a proper stop and will therefore drop you in the village of El Bruc past Can Serrat. If this is the case, turn around and walk back the 500 meters until you reach the driveway entrance and the Can Serrat sign that would this time be on your left. Be careful of traffic when walking on the side of the road!
It would be great if you could aim to arrive by 12 noon, and advance notice of your arrival time is appreciated so we can coordinate someone being here to welcome and show you around.




You can book your pick-up to get to the house directly with us. The cost is 60€ if the pick-up is from the airport and 65€ if the pick-up is in the City of Barcelona. For other possibilities and/or to reserve your cab send an email to



You can check all the rental companies at the airport at

From Barcelona, Autovia A2 towards Lleida, exit 572 – El Bruc. When leaving the highway, go straight on for about 550m and follow the indication ‘Can Serrat’, going down a paved road slightly to the right until you reach the house.


If you have wings or know someone who has, the path is quite direct until we get in front of Montserrat (south side), we are below the Church.