Dedria Humphries Barker

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Dedria Humphries Barker was born December 19 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. She explores color, culture and ethnicity through the tensions of group membership and individuality. Her work has appeared in several anthologies, on, Literary Mama, and in Redbook magazine, … Continued

Nolwenn Salaün

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Nolwenn Salaün (b. in Brest, FR) currently lives in Amsterdam. Through writing, photography, sound, video and performance, she explores conscious or instilled mannerisms, tricks and habits that inhere in spaces and bodies. She is preoccupied with closed interiors, gatherings, rooms … Continued

Nora Niasari

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Born in Iran, Nora is a writer/director based in Melbourne. She holds a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of Technology, Sydney and a Masters in Film & TV from the Victorian College of the Arts. Nora started her career … Continued

Anna-Maria Hällgren

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Anna-Maria Hällgren (1983) holds a PhD in art history and explores undisciplined ways of thinking and doing, within academia and beyond. She analyzes the connection and overlapping practices between art and scholarship through a wide range of formats and techniques, … Continued

Sven Popović

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Sven Popović was born on September 19, 1989 in Zagreb, now located in Croatia, but back then in Yugoslavia. His short stories were published in the anthology of young Croatian writers („Bez vrata, bez kucanja“, Sandorf 2012), in a collection … Continued

Elana Jacobs

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Whether through film, music, dance or whatever medium may be readily available to her,  Elana strives to find beauty from the moments otherwise known as “in between”.  She revels in the details of the human condition and will do anything to … Continued

Agostina Flamini

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Agostina Flamini (Salta- Argentina 1988) is an independent cultural manager, visual artist licensed in Fine Arts and Magister in Research and Creation in Art by the Complutense University of Madrid, she also took specific courses in Photography, Graphic Design, Cultural Management, … Continued


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mbns is a continuously evolving collaboration that oscillates between thorough inquiry and engagement into perceptive responses. Interested in the act of unlearning, their work encourages conversations of time, synchronicity, spatial analysis, paradoxical realities, and human behavior. Since beginning mbns in August 2016, the … Continued

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