For Parasitio#3, Can Serrat invited Xavi Acarin to follow the residency and its surroundings throughout the year 2019.

Here is a first draft of the concepts developed in relation and to be activated in July 2020 at Can Serrat.

Temptativa Col·lectiva / Collective Attempt is a one-week program dedicated to work and experiment with different notions of collectivity and collaboration. The program is part of Can Serrat 2019 Artist in Residency Project with the participation of Mohamed Alfaraj, Vanessa Donoso, Bruno Caracol, Duncan Gibbs, Natalya Gimson, Floy Krouchi, Yezica Tutic and Marianne Vieulès

If we were to characterize capitalism spill over every aspect of subjectivity and sociability, a blob of oil will come to mind, sticky and viscous, overflowing and saturating contemporary life. Global standardization codifies modes of living and dwelling, reducing difference to the point where even spontaneity is shaped by patterns. The colonization of our bodies assumes a horizon of expectations while it disassembles the present, normalizing precarious interrelations, eroding the landscape. While contemporary art shares an interest on systems, could we recover a practice of transformation that opposes capitalist degradation and gentrification? Can we still use flexibility and adaptability, performative connectivity, and trans-human and trans-disciplinary approaches as means of experimentation? Is there any space left that is not flooded?


Xavi Acarin —

Curator working at the intersection of performance, architecture, and art. His projects have addressed issues related to object performativity, material culture, precarity and globalization, architecture history, and radical thought. His exhibitions and projects have been presented at The New School for Social Research, Elastic City, Chez Bushwick, The Hessel Museum-CCS Bard, Peekskill Project 6, the Abrons Arts Center, ESTE Gallery, Knockdown Center and Unbag-Wendy’s Subway in New York, La Ira de Dios/CheLA in Buenos Aires, HIAP Suomenlinna and Muu Kaapeli in Helsinki and LOOP Festival in Barcelona.

He has written texts for exhibitions at P.A.D. Gallery, Galería Rosa Santos, Galería ADN, and Participant Inc. His articles, essays, and interviews have been published at A-Desk (2008-present), Culturas-La Vanguardia, Esnorquel, Terremoto, and BRAC (University of Barcelona). He has participated as author of the books Designing Experience (Bloomsbury, 2014), and Dear Helen (CCS Bard, 2014). He is currently teaching at Parsons School of Design and at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.