Since 2015, Can Serrat works as a self funded project for art production focused on contemporary practices & research. As a non profit space, all private or public income is reinvested into the residency program. 

Every year a jury selects six local and/or international artists -2 writers, 3 visual artists and 1 sound artist/musician- for a complete scholarship and a certain amount of artists for a partial scholarships. The staff assists and develops activities that facilitate the production of resident’s projects (artistic monitoring, human and material resources, local and international connections, accommodation and food).

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Calls / Convocatorias

Jury Selection September 2017_Musicians

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Full Grant James Parker Partial Grant #1 Maya Perry Dissonant Partial Grant #2 Eric Lemmon Michael Smith Krumins Radmila Nikogosian Miles Smith Beca Parcial #3 Rodrio Villar Luis Fernandes Hugo Baranger Gisela Fulla-Silvestre Marco Ferrazza READ MORE

Jury Selection August 2017_Visual Artists

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Full Grant Carlos Franco Partial Grant#1 Mo Sirra Paris Giachoustidis Beth Fox Gala Knörr James Cross Anna Vilamu Bosch Alan Gutierrez Partial Grant#2 Lerin / Hystad Bruno Silva Abel Jaramillo Marco Moreira Zane Tuča Chang Ting-Tong Marco Facchetti Dennis... READ MORE

Jury Selection July 2017_Writers

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Full Grant Martin Jackson Partial Grant #1 Miguel Bonneville Malene Williams Dedria A. Humphries Barker Ben Kostival Partial Grant #2 Sunny Drake Maluy Benet Caroline Zarlengo Sposto Paola Caballero Robert Shoemaker Klara Du Plessis Ffion Harman Scott Mashlan Sven Popović Gina Roitman... READ MORE

Jury Selection April 2017_Visual Artists

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Full Grant Sophie Lindsey   Partial Grant#1 Jake Davidson Kadie Salmon N. Conner Calhoun Alexandre Dorriz Bella Marrin   Partial Grant#2 Agyenim BOATENG Elia Cervera Christian F. Kintz Yara Mekawei Daliah ZIPER Angela Stempel Pamela... READ MORE