Emilia Lopez

  She is a documentary filmmaker and editor. In her early filming experiences, she found that a deeper relationship with the film’s characters was generated if she shared something from her world. By sharing some artistic practices she knew from … Continued

Emine Alev Ersan

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Alev Ersan is a creative practitioner working in visual, literary, and performing arts. Her practice manifests as multimedia installations incorporating audiovisual and textual content, site-specific performances, stop-motion animation, and poetry. At the core of her practice lies a poetics of … Continued

Lukasz Chrobok

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Lukasz Chrobok GAMES OF REALITIES The working method of Lukasz Chrobok becomes understandable through a division of the works into groups of works. The so clear change between techniques and media, refers to the examination of different topics and the … Continued

Livia Ortiz Rios

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  Livia Ortiz Ríos (1985. Arecibo, Puerto Rico) Lives and works in New York. In 2012 she completed her MFA in Studio Arts from the Memphis College of Art. Recently, her works where exhibited at Embajada Gallery (San Juan, 2022), … Continued

Simón Azar

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  Simón Azar is a poet born in Buenos Aires in 2003. He partakes in workshops and reads aloud enthusiastically. His poems were published in anthologies and magazines. He was to the International Book Fair of Buenos Aires to participate … Continued

Lara Gobec

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  Lara Gobec (2001, Slovenia) began writing during elementary school. In her first year of high school, she participated in the theatrical production “Dreaming?”, directed by Žiga Divjak at the Slovenian National Theatre. By her third year, she was selected … Continued

Sophie Behal

  Sophie Béhal is a visual artist whose work usually manifests itself as sculptural installation, often combining traditional sculptural materials of steel, clay and plaster with more ephemeral aspects of light and sound. Recent exhibitions: With a View, Chocolate Factory, … Continued