Gabriella Shlyakh

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Gabriella Shlyakh is a writer born in New York City to Ukrainian immigrants. As a lifelong in-betweener, she is interested in all things both genuine and strange, all characters that defy simple categorization. After graduating from a City University of … Continued

Erica Eisen

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Erica X Eisen’s works have appeared or are forthcoming in The Guardian, Hazlitt, The New Inquiry, The Threepenny Review, The LA Review of Books China Channel, Electric Literature, Ploughshares Blog, The Harvard Review, Little Star, Pleiades, Even, Sight & Sound, … Continued

Fernando Garrido Rojas

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Fernando Garrido Rojas (Talca. Chile. 1990). From 2015 he is developing his work in the field of painting, with oil, approaching intern and social issues in a self-taught manner, and through Stencil urban art. In 2009 starts studying arts at … Continued

Alex Poppe

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Alex Poppe is a teacher and creative instigator.  A former actor/business consultant, she has taught in Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Northern Iraq, the West Bank, Germany, and the United States.  These places and their people inspire her work. Her first collection … Continued

Madhulika Mohan

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Madhulika is an Indian writer and conceptual artist. Her works, both text and other, are an ongoing journey that unravel the ‘self’ in an absolute pure form of being, i.e., unconditioned. She constantly questions and inquires the very set ideas … Continued

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