Margherita Ferrario

  Margherita (1995) thinks in words and therefore she writes. Based in Turin, Italy, she specializes in social and environmental communication, editorial coordination and incendiary literature, constantly questioning the narratives we take for granted and their role in propelling or … Continued

Emine Alev Ersan

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Alev Ersan is a creative practitioner working in visual, literary, and performing arts. Her practice manifests as multimedia installations incorporating audiovisual and textual content, site-specific performances, stop-motion animation, and poetry. At the core of her practice lies a poetics of … Continued

Lukasz Chrobok

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Lukasz Chrobok GAMES OF REALITIES The working method of Lukasz Chrobok becomes understandable through a division of the works into groups of works. The so clear change between techniques and media, refers to the examination of different topics and the … Continued