Sunday, May 12, 2019 from 12h to 18h – between Can Casas and Can Serrat, in the village of El Bruc

We shared “Fluffy Disk”, a proposal by Nyamnyam (Ariadna Rodriguez and Iñaki Alvarez) as a collective invited by Canserrat to connect with the residency and its surroundings during 2018. The activity took the format of a performing installation based on an archeology of the space and its dialogue with virtual archeology; inviting artists and others of the local context to share the material produced before, during and after Can Serrat, and which they accumulate on their mobile devices. From these two complementary movements – objectual / material + context / artists – nyamnyam aim to create a dialogue or rather a fluffy, elastic conversation that moves away from the hard disk and even from the soft one, in order to create a porous space where discover the possible discursive lines that this material generates through the multiple views that inhabit this fluffy space.

The daily action of being together and comfortable to imagine stories from an information box that we do not intend to undo, but to take as a starting point for weaving possibilities.

A popular lunch will be included – free activity.

In collaboration with Chloé Azzopardi, Sophie Blais, Thais Buforn, Enric Canela, James Cross, Carles Estrada Planell, Sarah Goodchild Robb, Olivia Hernaïz, Anne Tone Lie, Sophie Lindsey, James W. Parker, Pablo Réol, and Georgina Teixidor.