Teresa Satta

  Teresa Satta was born in 1993 in Varese, Italy. She lives and works between Greece and Italy. Currently working as an intern at the State of Concept, Athens, curated by Iliana Fokianaki ( https://stateofconcept.org). Teresa works as a transversal … Continued

Sophie Lindsey

Born 1992 in Portsmouth, UK, Sophie is a visual artist interested in creating work that responds to specific contexts, environments, and situations. Recently this has included gallery gift shops and food packaging in supermarkets. Her work stems from observations and … Continued

Natasha Cox

  Natasha Cox lives and works in London. She is an artist and organiser working with words, performance, photography and space. She collaborates with others as Co— and is part of School of the Damned (class of 2018). She curates and programmes for Assembly Point and Supernormal … Continued

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