Marjolaine Bourgeois

Since 2011, Marjolaine Bourgeois’ artistic practice has merged textiles and printmaking. Bourgeois assembles images from how-to manuals, representing the manufactured, to interrogate the phenomena of overabundance and obsolescence – of images as well as objects. On the one hand, she … Continued

Floy Krouchi

Floy Krouchi is a sound artist and electroacoustic music composer from Paris
works with sound as a phenomenon in its multiple dimensions: physical, plastic, instrumental, abstract, radiophonic. She uses the vibratory and invisible qualities of this medium as a metaphor of … Continued

Tegan L. Smith

B.  53.3560° N, 104.0004° W on Treaty 6 Land (Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada) L: 43°40’9” N, 79° 25’27” W on Treaty 13 Land (Christie Pits neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Measurement and found objects are constants in Tegan L. Smith’s auto-archaeological artwork. … Continued

Nora Rosenthal

Nora Rosenthal is an emerging writer, photographer and filmmaker based in Montreal. Her most recent work, a darkly comedic documentary about a funeral-cum-holiday, Family Death Trip (2018), was selected for the SHORT to the Point Festival in Romania and was … Continued

Paul Cupido

The photographic work of Paul Cupido (b. 1972, the Netherlands) revolves around the principle of mu: a philosophical concept that could be translated as ‘does not have’, but is equally open to countless interpretations. Mu can be considered a void, … Continued

Warren Ward

  Warren Ward is a Brisbane-based psychiatrist and writer with longstanding interests in philosophy, literature and European history. His writing has appeared in New Philosopher and been shortlisted for the Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship, the QWC/Hachette Manuscript Development Program and … Continued