Tomas Browne

Tomás Browne (Viña del Mar, Chile, 1982) I want to bring back the writer’s trauma as a boy with language problems and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. This quest led me to find protection in poetry and explore such notions as nonsense, … Continued

Rory Midhani

Rory Midhani is a visual artist primarily exploring Queer life through cardboard dolls, high energy murals, and narrative drawings. His pieces are character-focused with a strong sense of place and story. His work takes the viewer to the places in … Continued

Marjolaine Bourgeois

Since 2011, Marjolaine Bourgeois’ artistic practice has merged textiles and printmaking. Bourgeois assembles images from how-to manuals, representing the manufactured, to interrogate the phenomena of overabundance and obsolescence – of images as well as objects. On the one hand, she … Continued

Floy Krouchi

Floy Krouchi is a sound artist and electroacoustic music composer from Paris
works with sound as a phenomenon in its multiple dimensions: physical, plastic, instrumental, abstract, radiophonic. She uses the vibratory and invisible qualities of this medium as a metaphor of … Continued

Tegan L. Smith

B.  53.3560° N, 104.0004° W on Treaty 6 Land (Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada) L: 43°40’9” N, 79° 25’27” W on Treaty 13 Land (Christie Pits neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Measurement and found objects are constants in Tegan L. Smith’s auto-archaeological artwork. … Continued

Julie Reverb

Julie Reverb is a London-based writer whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in The White Review, The Quietus, Egress, Gorse, 3:AM magazine, Necessary Fiction, Volume 1 Brooklyn, Dostoevsky Wannabe and elsewhere. Her first book, No Moon, was published by … Continued

Nora Rosenthal

Nora Rosenthal is an emerging writer, photographer and filmmaker based in Montreal. Her most recent work, a darkly comedic documentary about a funeral-cum-holiday, Family Death Trip (2018), was selected for the SHORT to the Point Festival in Romania and was … Continued

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