CALL RESULT – Summer – Fall 2022 Residency – Visual Artists


Within the framework of this jury, many applications were received from visual artists all over the world and a large number of them were of impressive quality. The jury very much enjoyed all the projects that were submitted and it has once again been challenging to make a selection. After spending hours debating, we select 21 proposals to ingrate the residency program (1 full grant, 10 grant#1, 10 grant#2). The jury took good care to extend invitations to projects that would be specifically relevant to the context of Can Serrat.

The Can Serrat staff would like to be available for anyone who did apply and wants to understand the result of this call in more detail; it seems important to take the time for that transparency and to offer feedback. Given the reality of our limited human resources and the amount of work to do by a very small team, it is a challenge to create that space. We, therefore, request that if you decide to ask us for feedback, please be patient, as it may take us some time to answer.



Sophie Blais _ Director of Can Serrat

Sarah Goodchild Robb _ Artistic Coordination and Communication

Fora de Camp_ Nomadic Community-based residency




Debora Incorvaia



Cathy Kossack

Marion Sage

Yngvild Nergaard and Hanne Ekkeren

Belén Charpentier

Ingrid Kristensen Bjørnaali

Giulia Paradell

Anabelle Michon

Fábio Araújo

Natalia Lazaro Prevost

Vivek Muthuramalingam



Daniel Vincent Hansen

GeoVanna Gonzalez

Keith Wilson

Gabriela Novoa

Haillot Anna

Maria Monegro

Jessica Benter

Tuba Koymen

Irene Brok

Banbha McCann


* We know that it is very difficult to create care spaces within a call, but we want to thank, with all our heart, all the people who have sent us their proposals. It has been a pleasure to read them, get into their practices and get in touch with them.