Ruth Webber-Juggoo


Ruth was born in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. At the age of 15, she was accepted into a regional arts program at Canterbury High School. There she studied a variety of traditional art mediums in addition to her regular courses. After a few years of school, she began to recognize an inconsistency between her values and her behaviour. This bred a feeling of insecurity and it led her to wonder about the authenticity of the art she was producing. Ruth identifies that moment as a pivotal time from which she began to turn her focus inwards. After completing High School, Ruth moved to Montreal to pursue a BFA at Concordia University in Intermedia and Cyberarts where she continued her internal investigation through video based performance art. She makes artwork to communicate with parts of herself that have been disavowed. Her art is an invitation for the viewer to witness, encounter and experience this process with her. She admires the work of Ana Medieta, Pipilotti Rist, Adrian Piper, Miranda July and the Kiss&Cry Collective.

Ruth makes her residence in Can Serrat during October 2021