Can Serrat, approximately 1187 square meters, is a classic old Catalan farmhouse.  In 1989, eleven Norwegian artists* bought the house and renovations began. The space is privately run and operated as a center for artistic production. Can Serrat is located in the beautiful environment of El Bruc, a small village that skirts the mountain of Montserrat, and is just forty-five kilometers from Barcelona.  The house provides various spaces and workshops for working in an awe-inspiring surrounding natural environment. A pleasant walk along paths and trails leads one from the house to the foot of the mountain, where one can enjoy a spectacular view of Les Agülles, or The Needles, of Montserrat.

Every year a jury selects six artists, from Spain and internationally,__ 2 writers, 3 visual artists and 1 musical project. A part from the full grant each open call jury selects up to 20 artists to come to Can Serrat (detail of costs here). The staff assists and develops activities that facilitate the production of resident’s projects from observing and workshopping their work during the artistic process, to helping to acquire daily or project-related supplies, creating connections between people, both locally and internationally, to overseeing daily life by providing accommodation and food.

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Calls / Convocatorias

Residency Open Call for Visual Artists

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Can Serrat International Art Residency opens the Residency Call for Visual Artists. This Open Call is meant to support artistic production and to offer a working and living space for visual artists. Can... READ MORE

Result _ Writer Call __ January 2018

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Within the framework of this jury, 130 applications were received from writers all over the world and a large number of them were of an impressive quality. 20 participants are invited in the residency... READ MORE

Jury Selection_Visual Artists_October 2017

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Full Grant Olivia Hernaïz Grant #1 Jaime Iglehart Ted Wiggin Nolwenn Salaun Yeon Jin Kim Grant #2 Anna-Maria Hällgren Marcelina Wellmer Alona Vinç Amery Kessler Juan de Dios Morenilla Zaloa Ipiña Kelly Lloyd Marie Skeie Katherinne... READ MORE

Jury Selection September 2017_Musicians

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Full Grant James Parker Partial Grant #1 Maya Perry Dissonant Partial Grant #2 Eric Lemmon Michael Smith Krumins Radmila Nikogosian Miles Smith Beca Parcial #3 Rodrio Villar Luis Fernandes Hugo Baranger Gisela Fulla-Silvestre Marco Ferrazza READ MORE