Cox Janssens


Since a very young age, I have been driven by exploring, learning and creating. I wanted to know in detail about everything and to become a Homo Universales was in my head a good choice for a job. I never lost this eagerness to be a know-it-all, it made me work in different creatives fields and establish my design studio Conform Cox in 2016, after graduating Cum Laude from Design Academy Eindhoven.
However, illustration and storytelling are always the core of my practice.
As I love learning myself, I want to help others in learning. I want to spark the curiosity in people, and on the other hand don’t let them keep dreaming on. Show them awful realities that can create awareness of what is going on outside their own viewpoint. I do that by uncovering difficult topics and translating them in a playful and visual story: visual education. With these in-depth illustrations and animations I help others to understand different processes.
My own practice has opened my eyes many times, by the collaborations that I love to take on and by working for various clients as well. As a know-it-all, I will never know all and keep exploring, asking questions, work with different media. Knowledge makes people less afraid, more connected, and care about things. I like to be the bridge between difficult information and the person who needs the knowledge. To see the moment in other people’s eyes: I never knew that.

Cox makes her residence in Can Serrat during October 2021


About her process while in residency >>>

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