Can Serrat, it is

a masia

a big masia


1187 m2 of masia

350 m2 of studios

9000 m2 of garden

a printmaking space

3-century years old walls and ceiling

capricious internet

comida rica*


below the village of el bruc

& montserrat


a moving community since 1989

started by 12 norwegians artists**


international within the local, historical & contemporary

catalan context


alive thanks to its residents __ who care about it & fix it from time to time


an experimental project

not an institution

not professional

very professional

a network

processing reflexions

a drift



knowledge exchange

community and coexistence

collective work




territory near, far

outside of


5 composed juries per year

9 full grants

partial grants offered every year

Relationships with Art schools, non profit organizations, public institutions & government

that support the project.


many good friends

many returns

many ghosts

many memories

many layers of history


supported by el bruc’s council

member of xarxaprod, TAV-CC, GRAF


teeny tiny happy team


* good food


** Tone Fjereide | Johanna Getz | Thorleif Gjedebo | Siv Johansen | Helle Kaarem | Vibeke Marnburg | Yngvild Nergaard | Terje Nicolaysen | Live Rasmussen | Vilde Von Krogh  | Leah Johnstone | Helle Storvik