Can Serrat, approximately 1187 square meters, is a classic old Catalan farmhouse.  In 1989, eleven Norwegian artists* bought the house and renovations began. The space is privately run and operated as a center of artistic production. Can Serrat is located in the beautiful environment of El Bruc, a small village that skirts the mountain of Montserrat, and is just forty-five kilometers from Barcelona.  The house provides various spaces and workshops for working in an awe-inspiring surrounding natural environment. A pleasant walk along paths and trails leads one from the house to the foot of the mountain, where one can enjoy a spectacular view of Les Agülles, or The Needles, of Montserrat.

Each year a jury selects six artists, from Spain and internationally, __2 writers, 3 visual artists and 1 sound musician. A part from the full grant each open call jury selects up to 20 artists maximum to come to Can Serrat (detail of costs here). The staff assists and develops activities that facilitate the production of residents’ projects from observing and workshopping their work during the artistic process, to helping to acquire daily or project-related supplies, creating connections between people, both locally and internationally, to overseeing daily life by providing accommodation and food.

Can Serrat actively participates in Catalan cultural life, presenting and developing various activities in order to create an awareness of Catalan artistic sensibilities both within and outside of the walls of the residency center through the presentation of projects, language exchanges, public literary readings, field trips to schools and art centers, performances, and concerts.

After so many years and layers of stories, Can Serrat continues to be an international community of artists that share, mix, coexist, and create within a common space.  These artists and writers determine their projects and here find the time and the will to wander and discover within their process and work.


* Thorleif Gjedebo | Helle Kaarem | Vilde Von Krogh | Yngvild Nergaard | Terje Nicolaysen | Live Rasmussen | Siv Johansen | Tone Fjereide | Vibeke Marnburg | Johanna Getz.



– Old ‘bodega’ (260m2)

– 2 multidisciplinary studios (45m2)

– 1 writing / presentation room (30m2)

– 1 workshop studio (30m2)

– 10,000 m2 garden with 100m2 patio, 1 stage, 1 studio zone under arches



– 1 printing press

– sound recording equipment (ask for the list)

– projectors (3)

– DIY tools for wood & metal


Can Serrat closes from December 21st until January 7th.


Download Can Serrat’s logo

co working / co living conditions

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