CAN SERRAT is an old 1187 square meters classified Masia , refurbished in 1989 and converted into an artists’ residence and production center, thanks to eleven Norwegian artists*. It’s located in the village of El Bruc, at the foot of Montserrat, 45 Km from Barcelona. The house has several studies and workshops and an impressive natural surrounding.

Can Serrat is an independent and private project: the community receives more than 200 residents each year (artists from the program, art schools or coworking), and funds about 26.790 € in projects every year. Several juries select every year 6 international and national projects (2 for writers, and 3 for visual artists). In each open call the jury selects between 10 and 20 artists / writers to come to Can Serrat.

The project of Can Serrat is conceived from the construction of a community of international artists where intimate lives and production melt. The residence is mainly focused to giving support to artists and writers in their process of thinking and production without need of getting a result, but feeding the posible and heady conflict between the will to define and give visibility, and the aim to roam and walk through continuously.

Beyond the intern relationships created by the selected residents in the program, the team develops and gives support with the organization of several activities and easing the production of projects and the connections in the national and international context. Can Serrat is supported by the Ajuntament del Bruc and it’s a member of Xarxaprod (net of art production spaces in Catalunya).

* Thorleif Gjedebo | Helle Kaarem | Vilde VonKrogh | Yngvild Nergaard | Terje Nicolaysen | Live Rasmussen | Siv Johansen | Tone Fjereide| Vibeke Marnburg | Johanna Getz.


Can Serrat is closed from December 22nd until January 9th included.

Co-working / Co-living space to rent conditions __

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