Alex Poppe

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Alex Poppe is the author of two books of fiction: Girl, World by Laughing Fire Press (2017) and Moxie by Tortoise Books (2018). Girl, World was named a 35 Over 35 Debut Book Award winner, First Horizon Award finalist, Montaigne … Continued

Madhulika Mohan

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Madhulika is an Indian writer and conceptual artist. Her works, both text and other, are an ongoing journey that unravel the ‘self’ in an absolute pure form of being, i.e., unconditioned. She constantly questions and inquires the very set ideas … Continued

Chris Hutchinson

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Born in Montreal, Chris Hutchinson is the author of three books of poetry plus his most recent book Jonas in Frames, which has been variously described as a “picaresque novel,” a “novel in verse,” and “an epic poem disguised as a novel.” His recent … Continued

Penelope Koliopoulou

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MFA Fine Arts graduate from Goldsmiths. Greek, living in London since 2010 when she arrived to do her first MA in Fashion and Film. She was fascinated by the underground queer scene right away and spent a few years exploring … Continued

Maluy Benet

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Author of several textbooks Xicalla (Ed. Barcanova); Llengua 3 (Ed. Anaya), Vet-ho-ací adaptations, Tres i no res (Ed. Onda), etc. In Un passeig sentimental per l’escola les Carolines I picked up my stage as a teacher. I have collaborated in … Continued


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Lerin/Hystad consists of Simon Torssell Lerin and Bettina Hvidevold Hystad. The Swedish/Norwegian duo was formed in 2010. They work interdisciplinary with both visual art and music. Their work ranges from photography, drawing, painting, sound art and music and is often … Continued

Gina Roitman

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Short story writer, editor, one-time film producer and long ago penguin-herder, Gina Roitman is the author of a book of short stories, Tell Me Story, Tell Me the Truth, nine linked tales about growing up with ghosts of the Holocaust … Continued

Teresa Carlesimo

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Teresa Carlesimo (Canadian-American) is an interdisciplinary artist currently pursuing a PhD in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University where her research considers various systems of power, class and empire as integral to the analysis of environmental crisis. Within her art practice … Continued

Penny Rafferty

Penny Rafferty is a writer and visual theorist based in Berlin. She writes for Elephant Magazine, Flash Art, Art in America, AQNB and Sleek Magazine. Her theoretical essays and creative texts have been commissioned for Kaleidoscope Magazine, NRW Dusseldorf, Status … Continued

Nolwenn Salaün

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Nolwenn Salaün (b. in Brest, FR) currently lives in Amsterdam. Through writing, photography, sound, video and performance, she explores conscious or instilled mannerisms, tricks and habits that inhere in spaces and bodies. She is preoccupied with closed interiors, gatherings, rooms … Continued

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