Can Serrat covid protocol

updated el 10.03.2022


At Can Serrat, we continue to follow the latest updates and news concerning the ever-changing COVID safety protocols determined by the government. These guidelines will continue to be updated in accordance with the Ministry of Health of Spain and will include the following measures.

Please bear in mind that if you decide to travel to Spain, you are responsible for taking the necessary health and safety precautions and for assuming any risk that travel and / or living together in a community-type situation entails, especially if you are not vaccinated against the virus. 

If you decide to leave during your stay due to any COVID-related problems, we can postpone and reschedule your stay at Can Serrat, but we cannot cover additional accommodation or personal costs.

We kindly remind you that we will not create safety measures more strict than those presented by the health ministry.  In order to ensure the health and safety of all, we require the involvement and responsibility of everyone. 


Actions to be carried out by the Can Serrat team

  • Establish the following protocol for the safety and tranquillity of all inhabitants and residents.
  • In the case that any member of the staff tests positive or comes into contact with a positive case, they will remain at home to avoid contact with those in the house until they test negative again.
  • Being up-to-date on any changes to the protocol and regulations established by the Catalonian government and communicating relevant information within the household if necessary.
  • Can Serrat will not suggest stricter rules than those currently being implemented by the regional government.
  • Attend to individual cases and a commitment to aiding and assisting when necessary.



Artists entering Can Serrat (groups or residents)

-International: At the airport, you will have to present a PCR, complete vaccination schedule, or COVID recovery certificate. For European Union countries: EU Digital COVID Certificate. 

– National: For artists or residents arriving from within Catalonia or Spain, we will not require proof of negative test or vaccination.


General Recommendations:

  • We remind you that it is important to ventilate rooms and communal spaces from time to time to let fresh airflow in the house.
  • When sharing indoor spaces with other people, it is recommended to wear a mask, although it is not mandatory, and to open the windows to ventilate.
  • It is recommended not to share communal spaces with too many people at the same time. We encourage you to take this opportunity to enjoy the garden and the areas surrounding the house.
  • We encourage and advise everyone to wash their hands with warm water and soap regularly.
  • For those living in the house, the use of masks is optional.  Please note that as Can Serrat becomes a temporary home for those living under its roof, many choose not to wear their mask while in the house.  We inform you of this so you are aware of the communal living ambiance within the house. 
  • When each person has finished using the kitchen for preparing meals and drinks, you must clean up and disinfect surfaces.
  • It is recommended to use the cleaning supplies you can find in the bathroom.  We recommend you use them for cleaning the toilets, showers, sinks and faucets after each use.  
  • When using the garden table for meals, try to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. When space is not enough, co-organize to occupy other available tables or take turns.
  • People who have frequent contact with people outside of Can Serrat (due to work, school, etc.) can take extra precautions wearing a mask in closed and common spaces (such as corridors and the kitchen).  This is not mandatory but recommended.
  • Performing any test, whether a PCR or a rapid antigen test, is up to the individual person. Can Serrat will not enforce taking tests when there are no presenting symptoms.
  • For residents who come from countries outside of the European Union, we recommend consulting their health insurance, health centers, or hospitals where they can receive medical assistance in case they need it during their trip.


Positive COVID case

  • If one begins experiencing COVID symptoms or suspects that they may have been in contact with a positive case, that person is responsible and obligated to communicate it to the rest of the inhabitants of the house and to the Can Serrat team immediately so we can take measures.
  • Please isolate by remaining in your room and keep the door closed to avoid contact with others until you are able to test.
  • Can Serrat can provide an at-home antigen test or help you to get an antigen or PCR test at a facility if necessary.
  • Currently, positive COVID cases must isolate for a minimum of 7 days.
  • Wear a mask when leaving the room and notify the community.
  • Use kitchen and sinks in alternating shifts and disinfect after each use.
  • Use the WhatsApp group to communicate any needs or information.
  • Ventilate the environment for at least 10 minutes, three times a day.
  • If you must go to a communal space, please observe the strictest hygiene measures (gel, mask, physical distance in every room). 
  • Have your phone nearby so you are able to communicate any needs that may arise and so you can maintain contact with your loved ones.
  • If you experience difficulty breathing or any other serious symptoms, call 010 or 012 or 061 and inform the Can Serrat staff.
  • In the case you need medication, the Can Serrat staff can help to facilitate access.


Close contact with a positive case:



General Information

Below, please see the link where you can consult updated government information concerning COVID-19:


In case you need to perform a PCR test in a laboratory, the closest ones are:


Laboratorio Echevarne  



Centro Medico Vidaria 

E-Quiron Salud