Soohyun Choi


Born in 1989 in Seoul (Korea), Soohyun Choi lives and works in London. Her artistic practice is concerned with understanding and decontextualizing an individual’s desire or certain phenomena under capitalist consumption. She completed her MFA in 2016 from Goldsmiths., University of London. Past exhibitions include “Push Your Luck” ISLAND, Brussels (2019); “Mission to Touch the Sun: Sun Burnt” Paradise Works, Manchester (2019); “Parlour Geometrique” at Chiswisk House, London (2018); “Hypnogogic Holiday”, Safehouse2, London (2018); Solo exhibition “I call you this you call me that” at Glauguair project space, Berlin (2018); “Songs, Balloons, and Broken Tablets” Snehta Residency, Athens (2017); the 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens (2017); and “Cacotopia”, Annka Kultys Gallery, London (2017).

Soohyun has made her residence in Can Serrat during the month of May 2020.


About his process while in residency >>>

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