Margaret Parsons

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Margaret Parsons is an artist and arts educator living in New Orleans, LA. In 2016 she received her BFA in intermedia at Pacific NW College of Art in Portland, OR. Her one-line drawings are explorations of wholeness and separation. She is examining the paradox of an ordinary yet mystical body-experience, of the body existing as a very basic, breathing, digesting system, but also the richly dense fabric of our spiritual lives. Her drawings also pertain to ideas of community— specifically looking at how borders between individuals are distinct yet permeable. Margaret is interested in an art of verbs, an art that is unfolding, swimming, dancing, bowing, becoming. Her kinesthetic investigations have been translated into paintings, prints, animations, and zines, and when she is not in the classroom or underwater, she can be found in the studio expanding her one-line drawings into large-scale pieces.

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