Anne Kristin Kristiansen

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I finished my Master’s Degree in June 2016 from the Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen, my Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and Culture in 2013 and graduated from the Art Academy in Essen in 2012.

I work in the field of visual arts. I started with paintings, later I progressed towards the media of sculptures, prints and light installations, but my work continues to revolve around the medium of painting.

In my works, I deal with translation of phenomena and observed moments. In my understanding translation is something that happens everywhere and anytime: in a communicative process, in viewing art, in the artistic process and in writing. But translation does not really become an issue itself. This new – resulting from the translation – is what I elaborate in my artistic practice, what I want to make visible for the viewer, and in doing so, opening the possibility of connecting to new discourses.