Sarah Goodchild Robb

  Sarah Goodchild Robb (USA) is an interdisciplinary visual artist and art organizer currently based in Barcelona.  She works abstractly and through woodworking, photography, and drawing she references the body in relation to natural forms and built environments.  She received … Continued

Annie Rovzar

Annie Rovzar is a writer and educator from Berkeley, California, USA. She is passionate about using poetry as a tool for both personal and social transformation. For the past seven years, she has taught creative writing in San Francisco in … Continued

Fellipe Vergani

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  FELL is a nomad artist, with no discipline. Working out of the comfort zone, he travels and experiments with varied and different media, being interested in contemporary politics, criticizing art itself, and the constant changes of society. His work … Continued

Jesse Quam

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  Jesse Quam is a self-taught artist that was born in a rural town in Northern Minnesota. Quam’s work first gained recognition in Fargo, ND after creating a body of work with New York City based artist Richard Mock for … Continued

Brook Helen Thompson

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  Brook Helen Thompson, with artist name, “brookita corazón,” is a Minneapolis based artist, originally from Dickinson, North Dakota, USA.  She is a self-taught artist, which stems back to childhood and has continued as an adult through her own travels, … Continued

Lauren Jinshil Oliver

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  I am a Social Artist, with a focus on building community via Circles. My current project as a writer is a self-led guide to enable any small group use CirclesWork! Tools for Cooperative Work, and to co-create a self-governing effective … Continued

Sarah Joy Louise Mitchelle

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Born in Pretoria, South Africa and since then moved frequently around South Africa in my formative years. I graduated from Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa in 2015 with Fine Arts and art teaching. In my University career I was involved … Continued

Consuelo Tupper

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  Bachelor of Arts from Universidad Católica de Chile (2014) and graduated from the Diploma in Film Theory of the same institution (2015). I work with relational art and collaborative installations since 2012 and have exhibited my work in group … Continued

Allan Bech V

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  I am an architect/artist based in Copenhagen. I graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture with a project that can be seen as a merger of architecture, visual art and philosophy. Since then I have continued to work in … Continued