Mili Genestreti

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  Mili Genestreti, lives and works in Bahia, Salvador, Brasil and teaches visual arts in Universidad Federal de Bahia. The themes that she investigates include Time and Memory. “I have chosen the residency at Can Serrat because of its surrounding … Continued

Stig Marlon Weston

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  I want to try and expand my style of camera less photography work into chemical photography, using darkroom techniques outside the darkroom. During my stay at Can Serrat I want to test this out by making a new work in between my … Continued

Carolyn Cardinet

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  French-born, Parisian artist Carolyn Cardinet now lives and works in Australia. She received a Master of Fine Arts in 2012 (RMIT) and was a recipient of a BFA in 2004 from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University. … Continued

Line Berget

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  Line Berget Is a visual artist from Norway. At the stay in Can Serrat, the main work she is planning to do is paintings done from a nonanalytic point of view. They are to be free. Like the wind … Continued

Diana Antohe

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  Diana Antohe (born Galati, Romania) is a visual artist based in Dallas, TX. She received her BFA in Studio Art from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and has also studied with the Slade School of Fine Art in London … Continued

Tamara Lazaroff

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  Based in Australia, Tamara is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, and a sometimes-poet. She is currently working towards the completion of her first collection of short stories. The stories are inspired by my roots tour travels in the … Continued

Sarah Goodchild Robb

  Sarah Goodchild Robb (USA) is an interdisciplinary visual artist and art organizer currently based in Barcelona.  She works abstractly and through woodworking, photography, and drawing she references the body in relation to natural forms and built environments.  She received … Continued

Annie Rovzar

Annie Rovzar is a writer and educator from Berkeley, California, USA. She is passionate about using poetry as a tool for both personal and social transformation. For the past seven years, she has taught creative writing in San Francisco in … Continued

Fellipe Vergani

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  FELL is a nomad artist, with no discipline. Working out of the comfort zone, he travels and experiments with varied and different media, being interested in contemporary politics, criticizing art itself, and the constant changes of society. His work … Continued