Silvia Rose

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I am a writer born and raised in the mountains of North Wales. I am passionate about prose in all its forms, especially when it merges with the poetic.

In 2015 I graduated from an English & Creative Writing degree at the University of East Anglia, where I published two pieces in their anthologies and read at many showcases.

Since then I have been traveling, running a project with independent cinemas, working in bars and restaurants, and updating my creative writing blog.

At the moment I am adapting my travel journals from South America and working on collaborations with artist friends – creative responses to photographs, illustrations, and poems.

I wish to express my own experiences and ways of seeing as truly and evocatively as I can manage, and use words as vessels of beauty – transporters of the indescribable and ungraspable moments of life.

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About her process while in residency >>>

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