James Rudd

James Rudd

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James Rudd is an emerging freelance journalist, creative writer, critic, illustrator and miniature hobbyist who lives between Adelaide, South Australia, and Murcia, Spain. His writing is inspired by tradition, superstition, revolution, connection to land and the spiritual undercurrent of contemporary society.

James recently graduated from both a Bachelor of Media and Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing from the University of Adelaide. His journalism and criticism has been published widely in local magazines and his creative works have appeared in university papers, independent journals and online via projects such as his blog Electric Holy Road and hypertext fiction piece Operation Electric Forever.

During his Can Serrat residency, James will be reworking the journal entries of Electric Holy Road into a book exploring the darker aspects of the travel industry, social media egotism and the effects of globalisation on a disenfranchised – yet mobile – young generation.

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