Hanne Grieg Hermansen

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Hanne Grieg Hermansen (b. 1984, Oslo) was educated at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (MA 2010) and Oslo Academy of the Arts (BA 2008). She has previously taken part in group exhibition at venues such as The Norwegian Drawing Association, Tromsø Art Association, Galleri F15, Oslo Art Association, Gallery Erik Steen, including solo exhibitions at Norwegian art Association, Tag Team Studio, The Norwegian Drawing Association, Sami center for contemporary art and Noplace.


My artistic practice revolves around photo-based drawings, where the technique and the amount of time spent drawing is an important part of the expression. I work mainly with graphite pencil drawings, as well as some more sculptural yet drawing based works. I find the simplicity and directness of the materials paper and pencil appealing, although my visual expression can be both saturated and complex. Within a relatively narrow framework, I seek diversity in form, dimensions, technique and installation.


Thematically my latest works address the relationship between the mystical and the technical, with the interaction between light and darkness as a central subject. I am interested in how the photographic technology can get in the way of the motif, how this turns the presence of the photographer into the actual motif. I examine the relationship between the act of viewing and the experience of being viewed, to be present and at the same time not, as well as the use of means and how these means work disconnected from the context in which they originally were intended for.