Penny Rafferty

Penny Rafferty is a writer and visual theorist based in Berlin. She writes for Elephant Magazine, Flash Art, Art in America, AQNB and Sleek Magazine. Her theoretical essays and creative texts have been commissioned for Kaleidoscope Magazine, NRW Dusseldorf, Status Effect, Websafe2k16, and The Internet is Present amongst others. Rafferty is heavily involved with the artist group Omsk Social Club and pioneered the spectacle Ying Colosseum. She is working intensively with the concept of Cosmic Depression—the theory of depression caused by digital utopia (Paradise without Ecology) and will soon publish the book “Deep Intimacy” based on a larped IRL and URL action of domination and submission that last over five months 24/7 with one other player. She advocates for lucidity as a form of direct action in both IRL and URL.

Penny Rafferty Writer/Critic