Can Serrat is a farmhouse located in El Bruc (Montserrat), 45 km from Barcelona. Since 1989, it has been home to one of the oldest international residency programs for artistic and literary projects in Catalonia.

The organization focuses on supporting and advising the creative process through individual and collective gatherings, and an extensive professional cultural network. The house can accommodate up to 35 people from various countries and disciplines, allowing for a multitude of enriching exchanges.

Can Serrat receives support from the Generalitat de Catalunya, and is a member of both Xarxaprod, a network of artistic production centers in Catalonia, and TAV-CC.


Selection Criteria:

  • Uniqueness of the Proposal.
  • Project Relevance: Connection of your project with the Can Serrat program and its surrounding environment. Projects that relate significantly to the cultural, social, and natural context of the region.



Residency Dates: May – August 2025

Application period: April 1 – May 1, 2024

Invitations: 1 full scholarship + 30 partial scholarships (see details below)



Included for all selected individuals in residence:

  • Access to all common spaces and equipment.
  • Access to all organized activities.
  • Travel covered for visits or activities organized by Can Serrat off-site.
  • Connections with the local territory.
  • Networking.
  • Publication in the biennial digital project catalog.
  • Individual follow-up meeting with a team member (1/month).



Full grant: 

  • Covered accommodation at Can Serrat (private room).
  • Access to shared studio space.
  • Food: 1 basket of basic dry goods per month + 1 basket of vegetables/fruits per week + communal dinners prepared on Fridays, among others.

You can stay for the full four months, although we understand if you need to come and go throughout this period for work, research, etc. However, please note that the minimum accumulated residency time at the location must total three months; if this requirement is not met, the scholarship will be awarded to another person. We recommend applying for the partial invitation if you do not have this availability.


Partial Invitation:

    • Option 1 _ Shared room: €908.10/month (shared with a maximum of 3 people).
    • Option 2 _ Private room: €1435.50/month.
    • Option 3_ Studio only (does not include accommodation or meals): €274.50/month.


  • Accommodation in a shared or private room at Can Serrat (see price and availability).
  • Access to shared studio space.
  • Food: 1 basket of basic dry goods per month + 1 basket of vegetables/fruits per week + communal dinners prepared on Fridays, among others.
  • Minimum duration of residency: one month.



  • Eliana Tomassini_

Eliana Tomassini, born on 23/02/1988 in Punta Alta, Argentina, holds a degree in Economics and a Master’s in Creative Writing. Residing in Capital Federal for a decade, she has participated in writing workshops with renowned poets and has also ventured into singing, theater, and filmmaking. She organized cycles of poetry and music, as well as having an online radio program. She published her first book of poems in 2019 and has participated in several anthologies. She currently co-organizes a cycle of poetry and music while working on her third book of poetry.

Writer, editor, and journalist based in Barcelona, Spain. She received her bachelor’s degree in Art History and Architecture from Harvard University, focusing on Japanese art, and her master’s degree in Buddhist Art History and Conservation from the Courtauld Institute of Art. Her work often focuses on the intersection of the arts and broader political or social issues. She is an editor at Hypocrite Reader and The Public Domain Review and was previously an online editor at Asymptote. She is currently working on her first novel and is represented by Rebecca Carter of Rebecca Carter Literary.

  • Sophie Blais: Director at Can Serrat (voice without vote)
  • Sarah Goodchild Robb: Program Coordinator at Can Serrat (voice without vote)



Tips when submitting your application:

  • Use simple and clear phrases to explain your proposal.
  • Beware of automated discourses and the use of -isms.
  • While nature and rurality are important themes in the residency, keep in mind that Can Serrat receives many proposals related to these topics.
  • Demonstrate you have researched Can Serrat and its surroundings to better contextualize your project.


Application Procedure and Required Documents

  • Fill out the FORM with your details.
  • You will also be asked to upload a .PDF file titled: “lastname_firstname_Escritura_SS_2025Call”.

       This document should include:

    • A voice recording reading an example of your work (3 min max.)
    • A sample of your writing projects (1 page max.).
    • A brief introduction to the project to be carried out during the residency (max 500 words.)
    • Writer’s statement (Can Serrat expects the applicant to give the jury an understanding of their work process and information about their current field of research) (200 words max.)
    • CV (1 page max.)
    • Website link (if applicable)

The application can be in Catalan, Spanish, or English. We cannot accept other languages at this time.

If you want to know more about the residency program