Martina Inés Echeverria

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Born in 1997 in Mendoza, Argentina, Martina Echeverria lives and works in Dakar. A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, France (2021), Martina began her studies in 2016 at the Faculty of Art in Mendoza, Argentina. She uses drawing and painting, as well as textiles and installations, to evoke living spaces in an intimate and sensual way. Her solo and group exhibitions include “Jigeen’Arts” at Reg’Arts sur Mbao in Senegal in 2023, “Que contient un couteau?” at her local butcher shop in Bordeaux, France in 2022, and “Meeting of Minds” at the National Museum of Harvest and Wine in Mendoza, Argentina in 2017.


Martina Inés Echeverria is undertaking her residency from 05/2024 to 07/2024.