Madhulika Mohan

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Madhulika is an Indian writer and conceptual artist. Her works, both text and other, are an ongoing journey that unravel the ‘self’ in an absolute pure form of being, i.e., unconditioned. She constantly questions and inquires the very set ideas of right and wrong, life, love and its death. In her works, M plays with words and structures to bring forth their inconvenience in the context of ‘conditioned thought and idea of ‘a something.’

The works communicate the importance of observing without prior judgement and converse about our conditioning as individuals in society.

“Know not what must be, but what is, as I am I, and you are you;

Yet we fight, who is this? What am I?”

Madhulika completed her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, and currently resides and writes in Bangalore, India.

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