Kamilla Mathisen

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Visual artist, Norway.
He mainly work with sculpture and installation in various materials. Her primary focus is the human race, which interests her both in a biological and mythological sense. What is it that makes us human, how do we relate to the world around us, and how do we place ourselves in it? These are questions that I approach while exploring the boundaries between what ́s real and what ́s imagined, and what happens if these two conditions get mixed with one another.

All her works can be read as a comment on surface versus underground, on the fragility of the present state, of any present state, physical or mental.
At Can Serrat she has been working with the nature around Can Serrat, using found materials, gathering, mixing, putting together and withdrawing, ending up with a work that relates to the surrounding nature, it’s history and mythology, mixed with her own private history and mythology.


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