Gizem Karakaş

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Gizem Karakaş is an artist and cultural worker based in Istanbul.

In her practice, she focuses on the struggles, ironies, comedy, and poetry of everyday life with semi-fictional narratives of an individual undergoing transformation, navigating interpersonal and contextual relationships. Her works, including photographs, videos, sounds, performances, and texts, explore the concept of intimacy and sincerity in relationships through the ambiguous areas that lie between the intimate and the public, reality and fiction, art and life.

Considering the value of art in the context of the relationships that surround it is at the core of her approach. She is interested in exploring collaborative working methods and using hospitality and camaraderie as survival strategies. Therefore, relationships are not merely a concept she explores through her works, but an attitude, gesture, and method she has adopted as part of her creative process.

Ongoing collective processes are essential to Karakaş’ practice. She has been a member of the HAH collective since 2017 and Medyartiz since 2011. She has been one of the faces of Hayırlı Evlat since 2017.

Gizem Karakaş is undertaking her residency during July 2024 or June-July 2024.