Brook Helen Thompson

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Brook Helen Thompson, with artist name, “brookita corazón,” is a Minneapolis based artist, originally from Dickinson, North Dakota, USA.  She is a self-taught artist, which stems back to childhood and has continued as an adult through her own travels, art studies, workshops, artist talks, and exploring a variety of media and technique through self-teaching.  Her art varies in styles, from Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, Figurative, Surrealism, Self-Portraits, Landscapes, and her unique style of Folk Art.

She employs various media in her artwork, including acrylics, aerosol/spray paint, pastels, ink, linocut, stencils, and printmaking.  She also creates artistically in the disciplines of music, poetry, writing, and performance. Her experiences as a Spanish speaker, traveling abroad and living in Spain for four years have inspired her current artwork and process.  Most recently she has shown artwork at Gamut Gallery, Art-a-Whirl, Spot Art, Abstracted Art Gallery as well as other local art shows and events. Thompson and her partner Jesse Quam have joined as an artistic team as The META Project, in which they create collaborative art projects and murals. They have recently done local murals in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Dickinson, North Dakota. Her next art endeavor in September 2016 will be at Can Serrat artist residency in Spain.  She will be creating a new multi-disciplinary body of work involving painting, music, songwriting, and poetry in a collaborative process with her partner Jesse Quam.  She will use the variety of art forms to incite her creative process creating a dialogue between them in an exploration of her imagination.

During the residency at Can Serrat, I will be creating a multi-media project in collaboration with my partner and also resident artist, Jesse Quam, involving: music, painting/printmaking, writing/poetry, and performance/video, with the goal of exploring a joint creative process and dialogue between aforementioned media.