Louise Omer

  Louise Omer is a writer and critic whose work focuses on feminism, religion, and books. Her first book, Holy Woman, interrogates modern religion and gives a raw and personal exploration of spiritual life under patriarchy. It will be published … Continued

Federica Fantini

  Federica is an Italian-born emerging writer working on developing a methodology to create narrations that blur the lines between memories, half-truth, desires, and history. Master graduate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Leiden University, they spent 6 years in … Continued

Isobel Hodges

  Isobel es un artista visual y escritor y actualmente está completando una Maestría en Escritura Creativa, Edición y Edición en la Universidad de Melbourne. Isobel era residente de Can Serrat en julio de 2018 y coordinadora artística voluntaria para … Continued

Agostina Luz Lopez

  Agostina Luz López (1987) is a writer, actress, and theater director. Her works show the links between human beings crossed by the wild and vulnerability. She works with visual artists, filmmakers, and musicians creating interdisciplinary pieces. She directed “mi … Continued

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