Mohammad Al Faraj

  As an artist and freelance filmmaker, Mohammad Al Faraj’s practice reflects a collaborative and multifaceted relationship to making and sharing content, moving with ease between commercial jobs, network television projects, artworks for exhibition and material shared via social media. … Continued

Lien Mingwei

  Lien Mingwei (*1983) is a contemporary Taiwanese writer. He graduated from the Institute of Creative Writing and English Literature of Donghua University, Taiwan. During that time, he explored different genres as a writer including poems, essays, fictions, stage plays, … Continued

Louise Omer

  Louise Omer is a writer and critic whose work focuses on feminism, religion, and books. Her first book, Holy Woman, interrogates modern religion and gives a raw and personal exploration of spiritual life under patriarchy. It will be published … Continued

Federica Fantini

  Federica is an Italian-born emerging writer working on developing a methodology to create narrations that blur the lines between memories, half-truth, desires, and history. Master graduate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Leiden University, they spent 6 years in … Continued

Isobel Hodges

  Isobel es un artista visual y escritor y actualmente está completando una Maestría en Escritura Creativa, Edición y Edición en la Universidad de Melbourne. Isobel era residente de Can Serrat en julio de 2018 y coordinadora artística voluntaria para … Continued