Eco print workshop


Program of the eco print workshop (botanical printing)


We will do a short introduction and then we will go for a walk in Montserrat to collect plants. On the way back there will be a talk about safety and materials.

Once the first part is finished, we will proceed to the elaboration of a piece that we will provide you and that at the end of the stay you will be able to take as a souvenir.

Then there will be a theoretical immersion into the world of natural dyes, fabrics, and mordants.

All the necessary material will be provided to you, as well as a small handbook with all the theoretical parts.


Index of the workshop:

  • Introduction to the world of natural dyes.
  • What are tannins and where do we find them?
  • Route of collection of plants for botanical printing.
  • Safety and precautions.
  • Necessary materials.
  • Practical botanical printing workshop.
  • What are mordants?
  • Types of mordant and its application.
  • Natural, protein, and non-protein fabrics.
  • Soy as mordant.
  • Harvest calendar and moons.