Svitlana Libet


Svitlana Libet is an author, editor and journalist. Since 2022, she has been working as a local producer for the BBC reporting on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In 2019–2022, she worked as the Senior Editor of an online magazine Your Art, which focuses on Ukrainian contemporary art. In 2016–2018, Svitlana worked as the Senior Editor at the Osnovy Publishing House, mostly focusing on art books, and art books for children. Furthermore, Svitlana has worked in several Kyiv-based art institutions such as Visual Culture Research Centre, The School of Kyiv — Kyiv Biennial 2015; PinchukArtCentre, Closer, Kyiv A-I-R (artist-in-residence) project.


Svitlana makes her residency in Can Serrat during September-October 2023.