Elise Ashby i Stephanie Whitelaw


As a collective, Elise Ashby & Stephanie Whitelaw, focus on ecological themes, in particular care for liminal spaces within communities and how they can activate dormant possibilities. Their practice is led by care, developing site-responsive works that seek to draw attention to the agency of living life forms. Through their work, they explore the interrelatedness of landscape through walking and the archiving of place.

As a collective, we are currently developing a six-month project with the arts organization, ArtWalk Porty based in Portobello, Edinburgh. The project explores the ecology of place, turning our attention to what grows within unmanaged places. The places are connected through walking and mapping unmanaged sites on edge lines. We are interested in perceiving these sites as wild, peripheral gardens within our cities.
More info can be accessed through our blog: https://peripheri.wordpress.com


Stephanie & Elise make their residence in Can Serrat during the month of November 2022