¡Congratulations to those selected!


In making our selection, we considered not only the quality of work, but the ways in which the content of the proposals would contribute to the dynamic and relevance of the 5 other selected writers and artists’ interests.


REMOTA September


Writers and artists whose work addresses the domestic, the relationship between the body, weaving and the process of identity, integration or segregation, questions about the value of the photographic object and explorations of dark humor.


Cristina Flores, Peru

Fabio Polanco Gaona, Colombia

Estefanía Quijada, Venezuela

Efraín Villanueva, Colombia

Mariana Arrubla, Colombia

Martín Volman, Argentina


REMOTA October


Curators and artists whose practices are related to systems of language and semiotics, research-based with an emphasis on social problems, ready-mades, and the influence of design on behavior.


Iris Ferrer, Philippines (full grant)

Mpumelelo Buthelezi, South Africa

Malak Yacout, Egypt

Jinson Joseph, India

Yirui Jia, China

Ji Kwon, Korea