Rafael Duarte-Uriza


The axis of his research-creative process is the hypothesis “On breathing, sesility and magnetoreception rests the regeneration of the Earth.” From this starting point he resorts to sensitive strategies to enrich, or purify, the range of perceptual possibilities in a given situation or in a place inhabited in a temporary or permanent way.
His work covers two fields: Fine Arts, in which not only installation, sculpture and performance converge but also where it is established a constant search to blur boundaries between three of them, and Artistic Practices through which he promotes experiences aimed at putting in tension heterogeneous ways of articulating everyday life and knowledge.

Artist with previous studies in architecture and contemporary dance. As a fellow of the Fundación Colombia Biodiversa he made the installation-performance “Compresión recíproca, refugio para las abejas”. He participated in Bioconstruction Diploma “Casa de Pensamiento 2020” at Organizmo Foundation, Training and research center focused on regeneration and intercultural knowledge. He was invited to “Incipit Terra, Arte, Cuerpos de Agua, Cuerpos de Tierra”, with his paper “Bombus-frailejón-agua”. He was part of the exhibition “Cuerpos por tierra”, focused on radical interdependence and reflections on Time´s changing as a force to “think different” in the current crisis of the Earth. He participated in Climate Action Academy “Cambiarte 2021 Arte por el Cambio Climático” and in “Reverdecer Movimiento Bog 2022” Critical Dance Studies of the Red de Artes Vivas de Bogotá. Since 2017 he has been developing “Lábil”, a laboratory to establish correlations between pollination and ecological restoration.


Rafael makes his residency at Can Serrat during June and July 2023.