Rae Teitelbaum


Raechel (Rae) Teitelbaum (they/them) is a visual artist born in Syracuse, New York, working primarily with video, film, performance, installation, poetry, and textiles. In their practice, they utilise queer worlding as method to imagine and create ‘new’ earth ecologies or alternate, futuristic versions of earth that aim to break down binary, hierarchical, and individualistic ways of seeing and being in the world and instead focus on queering imaginaries of gender, sexuality, ecology, care, love, and connection. They studied both in Spain and the United States for their undergraduate degree, graduating from Purchase College with a bachelor’s degree in ‘Media, Society, and the Arts’, an interdisciplinary program that combined fine arts, anthropology, and media studies in 2017. Rae attended Metàfora Studio Arts Programs in Barcelona, where they completed an advanced arts diploma in 2019. Following this, Raechel completed a Masters of Arts in Digital Media: Image Making, at Goldsmiths, University of London, where they focused on 3D video animation, virtual reality, processing, and coding. Rae has exhibited at a variety of galleries in Barcelona, including Homesession, Bien Cuadrado, and Àngels Barcelona Espai 2 and has shown their work internationally. Raechel is currently attending Goldsmiths, University of London, where they are enrolled in an MPhil/PhD in Visual Anthropology, developing a project surrounding how queer communities engage in practices of queer worlding and develop communities and experimental and sustainable ways of living in rural areas in Spain and Portugal.

Rae did their residency at Can Serrat during October-November 2023.