Marie Mons

Marie Mons (b. 1984, Paris) is a visual artist based between Paris and Brussels. She graduated from the École Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques Penninghen. Experimenting with formal techniques as well as personality and the physical body, Marie Mons produces extremely versatile photographs that are both liberating yet well-constructed. She experiments with landscapes with sensitivity and rigor: capturing geographical landscapes along with her physical presence, this is one of the thematic threads that brings together her entire body of work. Mons has further experimented with her work at the following artist residencies: 2017, CACP Villa Pérochon, Niort, France; 2016, Lunga School, Iceland; 2014, The Banff Center Residency Program, Canada; 2014, Instinct Residency Program, Singapore; 2011, Arteles Residency Program, Finland. She explores by every possible means her internal world, as well as the one surrounding her, inventing a dreamlike language to tell us about it.

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Resident in Can Serrat from the 27/5 to the 30/6/2019