Luisa Mancilla


Luisa, a tidal wave of emotion and excessive rationalisation, with seaweeds of cinema and esotericism; she was born under a full moon in Pisces and Sun in Virgo, on a trip of her mother to Bogotá (Colombia) on August 31st 1993. Three months after her birth they returned to their place of residence: Mexico City. After six years of moving within Mexico, Luisa and her family migrated again and put down roots in Caracas. There she grew up, studied and hung out until 2012. That year everyone was talking about the end of the world, the Mayan calendar and the prophecies, but for her that ‘end’ was actually the beginning. That same year, she returned to the land of her birth, Bogotá, to study Audiovisual Communication at university.

Luisa is a Latin American filmmaker artist based in London, where she’s currently finishing her MA studies in Ethnographic and documentary film. She’s naturally moved by themes such as migration, belonging, food, gender, identity, and spirituality. Through these topics she weaves stories with an intimate print, which are also meant to have a social impact.

Though her main artistic practice has been film and photography, Luisa has always written in her private spaces. In Can Serrat she will explore her writing, mixed with her interest in food and recipe books as a medium of legacies and ancient knowledge’s transmission of care and affection.


Luisa makes her residence at Can Serrat during the month of August 2023.