Kadie Salmon

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Using a combination of digital imagery and traditional post-production techniques, Kadie Salmon creates large scale photographs and sculptures that explore notions of image manipulation, storytelling, and romantic landscapes. With an interest in the history of post-production and applied surfaces and its vital role in contemporary imagery and social media, Salmon often returns to traditional methods of manipulation. Using Victorian hand-tinting to physically add/remove color or by forcing the image into a sculptural form, the ‘hand of the maker’ is ever-present in her work.

Drawing on the stories, histories, architecture, and landscapes belonging to various countries and cultures, Salmon constructs narratives that explore the role of romanticism in art. These narratives are often the result of a performative process, through which the artist attempts to experience in person these romanticized scenarios from the past. However, in doing so and placing them within a contemporary context their original language and interpretation is often lost and instead replaced with notions of idealism, desire, and personal fantasy.


About her process while into the residency: 

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