Fábio Moreira


He lives and works between Santa Maria da Feira, Porto, and Guimarães, PT.
M.A. in Drawing – Fine Arts (2020) and B.A. in Painting – Fine Arts (2018) at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. Student at Akademie výtvarných umění v Praze (2019/20) in Prague. Exhibits collectively and individually since 2012.
Invited Assistant Lecturer in the Escola de Arquitetura, Arte e Design – University of Minho (EAAD), PT.
The work that he has been developing intends to explore the relationship that can be established between drawing and pictorial objects with performance through a process of redocumentation. It is from the presence of a figure in the simulation and making of performative narratives that the drawing work emerges: as a form to think, idealize and document the actions or as a means to circumvent the impossibility to perform them physically. Resorting to the absurd as a method and strategy to give rise to actions where fable and myth insert themselves into the everyday life, a figure is positioned in different contexts and situations dealing with the physical space of the city, its environments and interactions, its history, culture and minimal everyday events
The work focuses on drawing, but extends beyond it, focusing on a multimodal practice based on painting. photography, printmaking, and the three-dimensionality of the installations and dioramas. Together, the works form clues and rumors, exploring the notion of proof and creating a speculative place of fictional possibilities and visual reconstructions of performative events.


Fabio will be in residence in Can Serrat during August of 2022