CALL RESULT – Winter-Spring 2022 Residency – Visual Artists

Within the framework of this jury, many applications were received from visual artists all over the world and a large number of them were of impressive quality. The jury spent hours debating and selected 15 proposals to ingrate the residency program (1 full grant, 5 grant#1, 5 grant#2, 4 grant#3). As a consequence of the global health situation that started at the beginning of 2020, the residency has to reduce the number of invitations in the residency program for 2021 (possibly 2022) in order to welcome the selected residents of 2020 that had to postpone for travel restrictions.



Sophie Blais _ Director of Can Serrat

Sarah Goodchild Robb _ Artistic Coordination and Communication

Fora de Camp_ Nomadic Community-based residency




Alex Hackett



Noemi Larred

Hannah Walton

Benjamin Lewin

Beatrice Simoncini Amado

Frederikke Jul Vedelsby



Daniela Pafundi

Charlotte Eta Mumm

Matilda Söderberg

Jelena Andzic

Rezzonico Bongcam Pablo



                              Zora Moniz  

Joely Lorenzen

Milo Henderson

Michelle Brandemuehl


* We know that it is very difficult to create care spaces within a call, but we want to thank, with all our heart, all the people who have sent us their proposals. It has been a pleasure to read them, get into their practices and get in touch with them.