Barbara Victoria Niveyro

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Artist statement (extract from “Golden Letter”)

I take a deep breath and lead it to my pelvis. To my sexual organs. The ride is what makes me happy, is what I do well. I welcome the sounds and the reflections between the branches, between the steps and the people in the corners, at the quiet door of stuff. Se traspapela el tiempo como un trámite, and it gives me a headache. My neck gets hard, my back is a dry clay that wants to be disassembled. I do not want to live my days and my hours as if they were a process. Because to be here is the chance that embraces me. And because it is the excuse to never enjoy. That’s why I walk. I am so radiant and beautiful when I enjoy without thinking about all those things. I propose a life where everything is a possibility to go around or to knit a pillow. (…)

About the project  ̈Imaginary horses”

̈ Imaginary horses ̈ is a book of short stories that portray artists from the present. I work with them digging in the intimacy of their creative process. They get upset with me, they hate-love me, they hide things that I try to find. These portrays sometimes are direct and attached to facts. Other times they embrace the atmosphere that the artist creates, I take it and I built a world with that that I hope would reflect the artist’s core. I like that corner where reality and fantasy take a drink together. I call it the Sarmiento y Agüero corner.

Another boundary that is diffuse in this project is placed. Artists from the book come from different cities. Sometimes we fight with stereotypes. These stories are an invitation to leave them on the side. Or to sleep with them if that is necessary. This is a Latin American book.

I would also like to think that the book is a collaboration. In my dream, the presentation of the book is also a presentation of the work of the artists portrayed in the stories.